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The Perrin Technique

Dr Raymond Perrin is an osteopath with an international reputation for his knowledge in the field of fatigue ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). He has driven evidence-based research studies that have gained the respect and attention of colleagues worldwide. He has trained practitioners around the country in this specific hands-on technique. Helen Morton is licensed to practise The Perrin Technique


ME  (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

CFS  (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Perrin's theory is that different stresses on the body can lead to overstrain of the sympathetic nervous system. These stresses can be physical, emotional, chemical, allergic or infectious in origin. His research showed that this overload probably causes a build up of toxins and fluid around the brain and spinal cord which causes congestion and the symptoms of fatigue ME/CFS.

Hands-on treatment

By using a range of specific, gentle, massage and mobilisation techniques, the lymphatic flow is enhanced and the sympathetic nervous system is soothed. By using this approach, together with pacing and other self-help advice, the effects of the condition have been shown to lessen.  

Latest research

Dr Perrin is about to start new research which will examine the accuracy of a physical diagnostic in ME/CFS. This could be an important piece of research for all ME/CFS sufferers. For more information about Perrin's work please follow the link to The Perrin Clinic

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Soothing and relieving  techniques

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The Perrin Technique

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