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Dance Background LRAD AISTD

Having started dance classes at the age of two, Helen seemed destined to be involved with this profession. After graduating from The Royal Academy of Dance and London Studio Centre she worked professionally both as a dancer and as a teacher.

Since graduating as an osteopath, Helen has been keen to combine her knowledge of both fields and has worked as the osteopath at London Contemporary Dance School with the students and the Richard Alston Dance Company, as well as with professionals from other companies and shows in London. From 2000 to 2003 she was a member of the Medical Advisory Committee for Dance UK. Helen is registered on the Medical Practitioners Directory of Dance UK

Appropriate, Affordable and Accessible 

Helen strongly believes that Dancers need to be looked after by practitioners who understand Dance. 

Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Of all the population groups, dancers are the most challenging and equally rewarding to treat. More than any other sports professionals or athletes, these individuals usually need to be 'better yesterday', carry multiple complex injuries and often have the fewest resources to look after themselves despite the enormous demands on them.

Helen enjoys rising to this challenge and appreciates the immense dedication and determination these individuals demonstrate. Helen applies all of her combined knowledge to her care of dancers and makes every effort to give them information and advice that they can use to enhance their recovery and performance.

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Ballet dancer wearing points.

 Helen trained as a dancer and dance teacher and brings this experience and understanding to her work.

Helen Morton, osteopath, working with her clients.
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